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moit ltd ed cd-r 1
Recorded live in Philadelphia on 20.03.98, the band name may be unfamiliar, but I'm sure fans of sequential space music will know Chuck van Zyl and Peter Gulch, with Art Cohen on electric guitar.

The opening track, "The Edge of the Wilderness" commences with a xylophone ticking which gradually accelerates the tempo as further layers of rhythms are introduced. All gives way for a searing guitar solo which really screams at you.

The eerieness continues with "Magnetic Feedback" which is a bit avant-garde for my taste and thankfully short. "Patterns" is the longest track at over 17 minutes, and immediately commences with a sweet little sequence reminiscent of Chuck's "Celestial Mechanics" album. Subtle changes in key and pace keep the listener enthralled. At the 4 minute mark, the guitar is introduced over the sequence adding to the cosmic mystery portrayed here. A driving synth lead replaces the guitar before the two become entwined echoing the movements of the other in a musical mating ritual. Engrossing stuff.

The next three tracks - "While the Rest of the World Sleeps", Swamp Interlude", and "Outer Limits part 2" follow similar patterns, spacey passages, sequence and guitar lead and/or accompaniment, and could even be compared to lengthier Ashra pieces.

The finale is "Interlock" and clocks in at a healthy 11 minutes. A haunting church bell sounds accompanied by a howling desert wind. A deep bass brings a foreboding flute to the fore and the bass mutates into a staccato sequence with accompanying tablas and drum rhythms.. The guitar enters again and whilst held low in the mix, it is really screaming in anger. Regrettably, developement is limited and the track over stays its welcome a little. A cautious recommendation then, but probably worth seeking for the scarcity, being limited to only 50 copies.

Neil Page -- SEQUENCES no. 22   Autumn 1999


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