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the ministry of inside things live at the soundscapes concert series - 22 june 2002

review : soundscapes #2 - the ministry of inside things
Just wanted to say a few words about Soundscapes #2 last week....

I attended the Ministry of Inside Things (MOIT) performance at last week's Soundscapes concert in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was hosted by WDIY-FM and, in particular, fellow list member, Bill Fox.

The evening began with a great buffet catered by Chef Jeff. Prior to the show and during the intermission, Tom Shaw performed in the lobby area of the Icehouse. I wasn't familiar with Tom's music, but I must say I really enjoyed it. He played primarily guitar used with synths and effects. A very good lead-in to the MOIT performance.

After Chef Jeff filled our stomaches, MOIT proceeded to fill our heads with 2 sets of great electronic music. Each set was a single piece of music lasting for about an hour. Each set included multiple segments of sequencer-driven, classic Berlin School music between sections of slowly developing layers of sound. Art Cohen (guitar) clearly showed that the electric guitar has a solid place in electronic music. I have all the MOIT CD's (there are 3...and they seemed to sell well in the lobby), and I never realized how much of the sound that I heard from MOIT was coming from Art's guitar.

The venue for the show was the Icehouse which is an old brick building with a high ceiling. The audience was seated in a few rows of seats just about 20 feet in front of the performers. The natural reverberation of the building complemented the music very nicely.

I am definitely looking forward to the next Soundscapes concert. As it seems with all electronic music concerts, the crowd was not very large. But, it was an enthusiastic bunch who all really seemed to enjoy the evening. How much more fun can you have for $15 than to get a great buffet dinner and then 2+ hours of live, electonic music? For any of you who can possibly travel to the next Soundscapes, please do's worth the trip!

by Vince LeGrand -- (as posted to the Tadream list)   30 June 2002

concert photos by howard moscovitz


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