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Thank you very much for your interest in Synkronos Music. We offer recordings meant to challenge as well as inspire the listener. The artists presented on this website have devoted their talents to producing works of exceptional quality and integrity.

Synkronos Music was founded in 1983 by Peter Gulch. His purpose was to make possible the production of his group's recordings. The group was the infamous synthesizer trio, The Nightcrawlers. Peter has since produced three now classic vinyl albums and scores of cassette tapes of electronic space music by The Nightcrawlers.

In 1989, Chuck van Zyl released his solo cassette Callisto on Synkronos. This was to be the first in a line of high quality cassette releases for the label and for the next few years Synkronos would release tapes at the leading edge of the cassette revolution. Outstanding music, unparalleled sound quality, evocative artwork, all delivered via the most popular medium of the day were the hallmark of Synkronos Music releases.

In 1995 Synkronos released its first compact disc. Regeneration Mode, by Chuck van Zyl and Peter Gulch, was well received by the media and the electronic music community alike.

Since then, Synkronos Music has been gradually releasing albums by The Ministry of Inside Things and Chuck van Zyl as well as focusing on the community of electronic music enthusiasts in its regional home base of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA.

With a concentration on aiding live performances by artists from the ambient, electronic and spacemusic worlds Synkronos Music has been a generous sponsor of the world famous Gatherings Concert Series as well as other electronic music events in the Philadelphia area. The Gatherings (synk025), a CD compilation presenting excerpts from past Gatherings series events, was released by Synkronos on 11 August 2002 at The Gatherings CD Release Party. Access the Concert Page for photos.

Synkronos Music is an independent, cooperative space music entity. If you are interested in any of the artists represented here, please contact them individually at the listed email address.


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