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star's end - 28 january 2001


Best known as producer and host of STAR'S END (the renowned radio program of spacemusic dreamscapes) and as the founder and executive behind The Gatherings (Philadelphia's premiere concert series of innovative music), Chuck van Zyl has also been making his own unique style of electronic music since 1983.

However profoundly inspired by the electronic spacemusic of the mid '70s, it was ultimately through the mentoring and encouragement of Nightcrawlers founder Peter Gulch that van Zyl put together a home studio and began producing his own music. This lead to the release of a series of audio cassettes and eventually to performing live concerts with Xisle, The Ministry of Inside Things and more recently as a solo artist.

During the mid-90's Centaur Discs of Scotland released Celestial Mechanics and The Relic. These albums compiled many of van Zyl's Synkronos cassette releases onto compact discs. In autumn of 1994 Synkronos Music released Regeneration Mode, the famous collaboration between van Zyl and Peter Gulch. Following the release, the duo traveled to Sheffield England to perform live as part of the 1995 EMMA Festival.

On his unique position in the spacemusic community, van Zyl muses on how his role of communicator can intertwine with that of artist, "My music is an interesting facet in all of this - I'm in the rare position of being responsible for delivering the message and often responsible for the actual content of the message as well".

Chuck van ZylMemorySpace Cenotaph Rituals

Sometimes referred to as "the children of space", Chuck van Zyl's generation of musicians are more than just carrying on an earlier tradition. Seeing creativity as a component of his own personal spirituality, van Zyl's musical realizations are fueled by everything from music technology to a greater cosmic awareness. His musical sensibilities evoke a sense of discovery, with each concert marking a new frontier of sound.

Presently, Chuck van Zyl continues to plot and execute the weekly broadcasts of the STAR'S END radio program, write music reviews, plan and produce events in The Gatherings Concert Series, investigate visual arts through his highly personal photographic style, collaborate live with fellow electronic musician Mike Hunter and realize original works in his electronic music studio - including the recent solo CD Rituals - available online at CD Baby.

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Sine Wave Magazine Chuck van Zyl

Sine Wave Magazine was a website covering a variety of topics within the realm of Electronic Music. From instrument news, reviews and evaluations to interviews with musicians and figures from the EM community Sine Wave Magazine was of interest to anyone with a desire for more insight into this active and ever-widening synthesizer fellowship.

In February 2013 David Marino of Sine Wave Magazine conducted an in-depth interview with STAR'S END host Chuck van Zyl. Marino's several questions prompted thoughtful and informative responses from van Zyl. Remarks include some basic insight into the concept of "Space Music", background on the STAR'S END radio program, activities surrounding The Gatherings Concert Series as well as some fond recollections and significanct milestones in van Zyl's decades long presence on the Spacemusic scene.

Read the 2013 Sine Wave Magazine interview with Chuck van Zyl Click Here (off-site)

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