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Sectio Aurea

Sectio Aurea

Multi-instrumentalist Mike Hunter uses the name Ombient to make live music befitting of any situation. During his many concert outings he has realized a range of performances - from those of great portent down to the more ethereal and diffuse.

Possessed by a unique atmospheric sensitivity Hunter is currently exploring the sonic territory of Spacemusic's 1970s Berlin-School - utilizing a number of classic electronic instruments, among them a substantial three cabinet "Synthesizers Dot Com" modular system.

The new Ombient CD is a studio realization called Sectio Aurea (Synkronos Music). The engaging locomotive power of Hunter's sequencer manipulations and breakdowns bring a pumping pulse to Sectio Aurea - a work perfectly in tune with itself and its maker.

Sectio Aurea is available at:

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Ombient - Live


In Winter of 2015 Ombient (w/Chuck van Zyl) will play concerts for MUSIC WITH SPACE, STAR'S END, DIGITAL DREAMS.

Read Chuck van Zyl's Extensive EM Portal Concert Blog (off site). Access the latest Press Release

MemorySpace - Cenotaph - Rituals

2015 Gatherings Season

Supported in part by Synkronos Music, The Gatherings Concert Series is Philadelphia's premiere concert series of innovative music from the electronic, ambient and spacemusic worlds. Please access The Gatherings website for details on the 2015 season.

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Stream audio excerpts from Chuck van Zyl's Nov/Dec 2010 live performances via SoundCloud:

CD Compilation

Synkronos Music released The Gatherings (synk 025), a CD compilation of excerpts from past performances, on 11 August 2002. The Gatherings features excerpts from concerts by: Kevin Bartlett, Bionaut, Jeff Grienke, The Ministry of Inside Things, Ben Neill, Robert Rich and Steve Roach. Please click on the cover graphic below for details.

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