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ombient (mike hunter)

Music with Space radio show host and multi-instrumentalist Mike Hunter
uses the name Ombient to make live music befitting of any situation.
During his many concert outings he has realized a range of performances
- from those of great portent down to the more ethereal and diffuse.

Possessed by a unique atmospheric sensitivity he is currently exploring the sonic territory
of Spacemusic's 1970s Berlin-School - utilizing a number of classic electronic instruments,
among them a substantial three cabinet "Synthesizers Dot Com" modular system.

In recent years Ombient has been joined on-stage at various venues
by fellow Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl. These concerts marked the release
of the Ombient CDs Space Patrol and Sectio Aurea (Synkronos Music).

In a vocabulary of repeating patterns Ombient own tributary
of the Berlin-School. Dancing arpeggio notes, resonant analogue tones
and interlocking percussion accents surge out of breathing synthesizer swells
- while soft percussive chiffs and royal electronic bleeps
echo out across vividly imagined distances.

As deeply breathing chords stack up and sustain,
machine-like synchronized sequencer runs gain momentum
- cycling in lock step against a trail of echoes and dreamy tonal interplay.

Hunter's analog style step sequencer, and its seemingly endless facility for composition,
repetition and variation, drives this music's motoric tick-tock timing.
Amidst this kinetic kaleidoscope of rhythm, he releases a ribbon of heroic synth leads and soft strings.
The beauty of this work comes from its many strands,
heard individually and comprehended collectively.


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excerpt from Space Patrol by Ombient w/Chuck van Zyl

excerpt from Sectio Aurea by Ombient

Interview with Mike Hunter

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