t h e   n i g h t c r a w l e r s   d i s c o g r a p h y


t i t l e s - d e s c r i p t i o n - ( v i n y l )
nightcrawlers -debut album released on synkronos music ('83)
spacewalk -second album released on atmosphere ('85)
shadows of light -final album released on synkronos music ('88)
t i t l e s - d e s c r i p t i o n - ( c a s e t t e s )
cryptosphere -lost in a misty labyrinth at dusk ('80)
planetary expedition -four part interstellar trip ('80)
the fallen sparrow -meditative free form collage ('81)
hallucinatory executions -six nightmare visions ('81)
poltergeists -impressions of the elfin underworld ('81)
synthimania -eight aural tonescapes ('81)
systema naturae -portrayal of earth systems ('82)
hors d'oeuvres - tasty aural morsels ('82)
narcolepsis -alpha and beta wave states ('82)
midwinter daydream -mental wandering in a snowstorm ('82)
tanzwut -dancing tone clusters ('82)
shadowless veil -ethereal drifting through spacetime ('83)
subliminal sailing -streams of consciousness ('83)
forbidden monastery -invocation of the spirits ('83)
spring holiday -evolutional complexity ('83)
evening repose -asleep in a meadow of crickets ('83)
transluminance -contrasts of light and dark ('83)
crystal loops -twinkling particle interplay ('83)
nightcrawlers -cassette version of first lp ('83)
2031 a.d. -floating journeys into the future time ('84)
space shuttle -music for repairing space vehicles ('84)
ombra -pathways into other dimensional realities ('84)
nightwalk -twilight excursions in the forest ('84)
cybersun 231 -time warping into distant galaxies ('84)
spacewalk -cassette version of second lp ('85)
space ritual -live church concert vibrations ('85)
the largo tree -interstellar wave transmissions ('86)
particle mist -modern particle physics ('86)
energy transfer -flowing energy patterns ('88)
alone after dark -solo anthology from each musician ('88)
barriers -special double cassette package. last issue ('91)
t i t l e s - d e s c r i p t i o n - ( c o m p a c t   d i s c )
travelling backwards -special double cd issued on manikin ('97)

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